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“Matt has a no BS approach. He made things simple. Not easy. But simple. Now I’m 20lbs lighter and much happier and more confident in my body!”

Marisa T.

“I love that Matt isn’t one of those gimmicky one size fits all trainers. He really worked with me. And everything he preaches is backed by science and psychology. The Simply Method way of fitness has me stronger than ever, and I’ve lost 30lbs.”

Josh V.

“I used to start exercise programs and quit after a few weeks. It was a chore. Matt made things interesting and showed me the mindset for real healthy success. I’ve been exercising 5 days a week for months now, and never felt better!”

Amanda K.

“There are no short cuts. But Matt Knows his stuff and explained it to me in a way I could understand. I’ve changed the way I eat and how I work out. Everyone around me is amazed by my transformation!”

Steve G.

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What cults and Muhammad Ali got right

I watched a movie recently called The Veil. Supposedly based loosely on the Jonestown massacre in which more than 900 people died. All but two of those from apparent cyanide poisoning. Commonly viewed as mass suicide, although some say it was mass murder. Jim Jones was the leader. He started an integrated church to help […]

What you need to know about nutrition labels

Nutrition Label So you’ve decided to stray outside of the area of the supermarket that has fruit, vegetables and meat. No problems, there can be some good food there, especially when had in moderation. But with prepackaged foods it’s hard to know what’s actually in it and what to look out for. But fear not, […]

HIIT: Everything you need to know

Is HIIT the answer to all your dreams? I don’t know about you, but since HIIT is the ‘it’ kid on the fitness block lately I would have expected to see more people doing it. But I don’t. I look around the gym and everywhere I see people doing regular old low intensity steady state […]

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